What is a smart ceiling fan?

A smart ceiling fan allows you to control its on/off switch and speed using smart speaker integration, providing the convenience of adjusting fan speed, light intensity, and color temperature from anywhere and at any time.

Does a longer blade provide greater airflow than a shorter blade with the same design?

No. The larger the blade size, the wider the range of airflow, but this will strain the motor and reduce the speed, resulting in weaker airflow. Conversely, smaller fan blades offer a narrower range of airflow but achieve faster speeds and stronger winds.

Can an air conditioner be used in conjunction with a ceiling fan?

Yes. Using a ceiling fan can enhance the circulation of the cold air from the air conditioner, reducing power consumption while maintaining a comfortable cooling level. Adjusting the temperature of the air conditioner slightly higher can achieve the same result.

Can a remote-control ceiling fan be wired with a wall dimmer switch?

No. It is not recommended to wire a dimmer switch as the primary controlling switch for a remote-controlled ceiling fan, as it may damage the fan motor and pose a fire hazard.

Can a ceiling fan be installed within a ceiling dome?

It is not recommended as it may cause noise and vibrations due to air turbulence.

Can I install a ceiling fan in the kitchen?

Yes. However, the fan blades may become discolored or deteriorated due to the accumulation of airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, heat, and steam over time. Therefore, it is not recommended to replace the kitchen hood with a ceiling fan.